Miss Universe Facts!


Like Brazil and the States, Sweden was one of the world’s excellence exhibition superpowers during the 60s. In 1955, this Nordic country won the worldwide title. Sarah Rose Summers

Long Beach ’58

Shockingly, Dutch Guiana – present-day Suriname (South America) – was one of the 15 semi-finalists, however did not make the rundown of the five finalists.

Miami ’61

Miss Universe 1961 Marlene Schmidt was conceived in the previous East Germany, however she moved to West Germany looking for political quietness and new chances. She was the solitary German to win the worldwide honor.

America ’65

Subsequent to winning the occasion, Aspara Hangsakula (Thailand) set out on a world visit, making stops in the United States, Asia and Latin America. The dim looked at young lady is Thailand’s most acclaimed belle of the ball.

Florida ’66

Roused by Hangsakula’s triumph, Thailand’s agent Jeeranum Savettanum was second sprinter up.

Miami ’71

Lebanon’s Miss Universe Georgina Rizk, a local of Beirut, was the one of the main Miss Universes to show up on a national postage stamp. She, who took an interest in Miss World, is around five feet seven inches tall (she is taller than Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco ), loads 121 pounds and measures 35-25-35. What’s more, Miss Lebanon Universe talks four unknown dialects.

El Salvador ’75

A standout amongst the most renowned archeological fortunes in Central America, the Tazumal pyramid, was chosen by the Miss Universe Organization as the image of the 23rd Miss Universe 1975 in San Salvador (El Salvador).

Acapulco ’78

Dewi Sukarno, previous first Lady of Indonesia, was one of the universal judges, alongside Mario Moreno Cantinflas (Mexico’s on-screen character), Ursula Andress (Sweden’s on-screen character) and different well known big names. Dewi was the spouse of previous despot Achmed Sukarno, a standout amongst the most severe rulers in the twentieth century.

Perth ’79

Despite worldwide authorizations, Bophuthatswana, it was not perceived by the United Nations and Washington, sent a delegate to Australia, site of the magnificence challenge. Shockingly, Bophuthatswana’s representative, Alina Moeketse,a dark young lady, did not make the rundown of the 12 semi-finalists. Like Transkei, Venda, and Ciskei, Bophuthatswana was established by the previous South African politically-sanctioned racial segregation routine.

Perth’79 and Paradise Island’09

Venezuela is regularly observed as a model for Miss Universe Pageant on Earth. In 1979, Venezuela’s delegate Maritza Sayalero was chosen MU in Oceania. In August 2009, this rich-oil nation was the principal nation to win consecutive Miss Universe finals. Between 1979 to 2009, the Latin country has won six worldwide crowns: Australia’79, New York’ 81, Panama ’86, Las Vegas ’96, Vietnam’08 and Paradise Island ’09.

New York City ’81

Venezuela’s Irene Saez Conde, 18-year-old, did not learn English until that she won the Miss Universe grant in the United States in July 1981.During her rule, under the vigilant gaze of her educator, Joseph Nassif, she figured out how to communicate in English great.

Panama City ’86

Miss Denmark, Helena Christensen, who had gotten little notice in the Panamanian press, did not make the semi-finals of Miss Universe Panama ’86, yet after seven years she, who is half Peruvian, ended up one of the world’s top super-models during the 90s, nearby names like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, and Naomi Campbell.


Four lovely ladies from Asia – Thailand (Porntip Nakhirunkanok), South Korea (Yunjung Chang), Japan (Mizuho Sakaguchi), and Hong Kong (Pauline Yeung) – were among the main five finalists. In this release, Miss Thailand was delegated Miss Universe 1988. Aside from winning the widespread trophy, she additionally won the “Best national Costume”. In Taiwan, Nakhirunkanok finished Latin America’s multi year mastery of worldwide exhibition. The three past occasions had been won by Deborah Carthy-Deu (Puerto Rico/1985), Barbara Palacios (Venezuela/1986) and Cecilia Bolocco (Chile/1987). Mexico’s Amanda Olivares was the just a solitary one to challenge the Asian matchless quality: She completed third in the worldwide challenge.


In the wake of tumbling from the Miss World Pageant in Spain/UK, Angela Visser, Miss Holland, progressed toward becoming Miss Universe in Cancun. As per specialists on Miss Universe, the blue-peered toward lady, an ex design show from Rotterdam, was a standout amongst the most excellent glamorous ladies of the Twentieth century.

Las Vegas ’91

Ireland’s agent Siobhan McClaferty, 20-year-old lady, did not make the rundown of the 10 semi-finalists, yet won the Miss Photogenic honor. Miss Ireland Universe, a blue-peered toward young lady, completed nineteenth (bathing suit: 8.08 focuses/meet: 8.88/evening outfit: 8.44) in the global challenge in Nevada. Inquisitively, she verged on winning the 1990 Miss World – MU’s adversary – in the United Kingdom.

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