Land Pooling Policy, the Need of the Hour to Propel Master Plan Delhi 2021

Urbanization in Delhi has made numerous chances and yet represented certain difficulties. One of the greatest difficulties looked by the capital city because of fast advancement and improvement is thriving populace. Individuals from communities and urban areas regularly relocate to Delhi looking for employments. Subsequently the present populace of Delhi is 1.7 crore. Before the year’s over 2021, the populace may achieve 2.5 crore. The present framework gives lodging to just 1.5 crore individuals. By what means will Delhi Development Authority make foundation which tops off the current shortfall as well as obliges 80 lakh more individuals. property acquisition

To spare the circumstance from getting additionally bothered, a Master Plan Delhi 2021 is shaped. The vision of this arrangement is to reproduce Delhi in a way that it gives reverence to 10 million individuals. The greatest inquiry which emerges here is, will Delhi Development Authority alone transform the vision of MPD 2021 into a reality? On the off chance that one takes a gander at the record of DDA since its origin, it has made just 4.5 lakh lodging units. In what manner will DDA alone make 14-15 lakh lodging units in such a brief timeframe? The appropriate response is NO and in this way DDA has thought of a land pooling arrangement, all the more famously known as LPP.

LPP offers ranchers a chance to think of little packages of land and get them amassed together for redevelopment reason. When the land is created, 48-60% of the land is come back to the land proprietors. Entire Delhi partitioned into 15 zones, of which six zones go under LPP. The best among these six zones is L-Zone, Dwarka. Around 4-5 lakh lodging units can be grown alone in L-Zone.

LPP, whenever actualized can create 20,000-25,000 hectares of land. The strategy has the capability of redeveloping low local locations and impelling the vision of both MPD-2021 and Delhi Smart City.

The advantages of LPP are various:

The arrangement will put a conclusion to the land securing strategy which will additionally keep the expansion in land costs. Land procurement approach had no straightforwardness and ranchers were substituted with uncalled for pay in return of land.

It will engage the open private relationship. Under LPP, the job of DDA will be decreased to that of a facilitator. This will the blast the open private relationship and ad lib the improvement of the capital city.

Quicken the mission of making Delhi a more astute city. LPP will redevelop the neighboring towns like Dwarka, Narela, Bawana and so on. These towns will be redeveloped as per the norms of MOD-2021.

Blast the work opportunity in development segment. As the development work builds, requirement for work increments. In this way, LPP will make sufficient of business openings.

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