Expert Joint Packaging Ideas

Now that the sale of cannabis is booming business, you will need to come up with new and creative joint packaging ideas. Medical studies and health reports indicate that while cannabis has been thought of as a recreational drug for years, cannabis can actually reduce the effects of cancer, manage chronic pain and even protect the body from certain diseases like leukemia and glaucoma. If your company sells joints and you want to package the products in a way that showcases the uniqueness of your business, there are several concepts to consider.

The joints should be conveniently pre-packaged, especially if the cannabis inside is potent. When the products are pre-rolled, guests can conveniently use the products as soon as they receive them, without having to worry about the process of using rolling papers. Even though pre-rolled papers may seem like a small feature, when the joints are packaged correctly, this could significantly increase your customer base. Customers want to make sure that buying the product is as easy as possible and want to ensure they can use the product right away. The packaging should also clearly display the cannabis strains people are purchasing. The colors and designs used for the packaging can make your company’s products stand out and increase brand recognition.

There are also options to package each strain slightly different while staying consistent with your brand. It is important to make the joints colorful or add special designs so that customers almost do not want to throw them away. When your products can be seen as collector’s items, you will be much more likely to get repeat customers. Your packaging can also increase word of mouth marketing, which means that new customers will be curious to see what you have to offer and purchase products for themselves. 

It is also a good idea to offer specialized joint roll designs and customized cases for the products. Clearly detail the package and included essential information about your company. You can also offer joint cases with stunning designs that may cost a little more than your conventional products, with the proceeds going to a charity you believe in. Customers who want to use cannabis regularly but are also concerned about their communities may be interested in the packaging that they can purchase to contribute to worthy causes. Or, you can start a program in which customers can return certain cases after using the joints that can be recycled to show that your business is eco-friendly. Your company can also provide cases that can be used for years; customers can bring their cases back to your store location to be refilled with the joints of their choice. Using color coordination to ensure that customers are choosing the flower strains they want can make purchasing easier as well.

Be sure to research the joint packaging companies you are interested in and check to ensure that the materials used for packaging are in keeping with your company’s standards. You can also introduce new colors and designs for new products as a marketing tactic to attract more consumers to your business.

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