2.4GZ Wireless Endoscope Available From China Manufacturer Kasyn

Remote EndoscopeA genuine oddity – 2.4GZ Scope-expert Wireless advanced endoscope accessible officially made in China from Kasyn.
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The remote endoscope is not the same as other typical USB advanced magnifying instruments. An ordinary USB computerized endoscope will accompany a USB link so it tends to be associated with the PC. Be that as it may, this Digital Microscope Endoscope is 2.4GZ remote with a USB dongle. The best powerful separation is 10 meters. Kasyn recommends you attempt this thing inside this separation.

So as to see all the more plainly by means of this new endoscope, the assembling set up a progression of clear pictures “center change handle” tp to alter the core interest. Amplification is up to 200x MP. There is no any modest moment follows you will miss by means of this expert degree genius Wireless Digital Microscope.


Working stages: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, MAC, Linux

Amplification: up to 200x

Photo: Taken by the product and contact catch

Videogaphy: High pressure

Light source: LED brightening

Video with ultra-long time-11hours long; 3.6GB of memory video

Centering: Manual-center

Max Size: 11mm*126mm

Pixels: 1.3-5m

Show speed: 15-30fps

Interface: 2.4G remote

Different Probes accessible, which can be more accommodation and clear to review diverse piece of body, for example, (air,Throat, Ears and so on). It is great contraption for body excellence, home social insurance.

Application: Golf Course (to examine the grass wellbeing)


Research facilities

Mechanical review

Science instruction

Crime scene investigation



Printed circuit board (PCB) examination

Diamond setters



Wrongdoing scene examination


Sequential number distinguishing proof

Quality control

Parts get together

Locate a Reliable Provider As a one of a kind tech, you can just buy this model by means of KASYN INTERNATIONAL site. Kasyn vendor offers fantastic specialized help too. They appears give a progression of various endoscopes too.

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